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Design Your Dream Life: A Hypnotherapy Track to PLAY, EXPLORE and to Practice Extending your Imagination

Are you ready to play and have some fun? This is a light-hearted hypnosis recording to practice using your imagination. It's a great track if you're feeling a bit flat, perhaps lost, unispired or uncertain about what you want. Just like working a muscle, our imagination responds when we engage with it, and it's time to enjoy the practice dreaming.

Take a moment, and use your imagination to play, extend your thoughts, and to practice dreaming big. If you find yourself shrinking at the idea of 'dreaming big', or feeling that the dreams are not realistic or achievable, understand that it's not the objective of this listening experience for you to judge the dreams or make them real; this is a process of letting go and allowing the imagination to play.

It's time to just take a moment, relax, and have some FUN!

Craft Your Unique Masterpiece

Utilising a powerful metaphor: your life as a magnificent necklace adorned with gemstones, this hypnosis guides you to use and fully develop your imagination. Each gemstone represents a choice you make, big or small. Just as our ancestors adorned themselves with meaningful objects, you'll be guided to visualise yourself selecting precious stones representing your future.

Dream Big, Achieve More

So, dream audaciously. Visualise the stones that represent current desires, whether it's a career change, a fulfilling relationship, or your dream home. As you make choices aligned with your dreams, believe that the universe conspires to bring you closer to those aspirations. It may actually take some practice to dream big. You may even have challenging thoughts trying to protect you, suggesting that big dreams may even seem unnecessary, or indulgent or greedy, but you can challenge your imagination to expand, play, and enjoy the practice of extending to new possibilities. The actual process of dreaming is the focus of this hypnosis track.

Remember, don't worry about taking the process too seriously, or about manifesting the dreams practically in your day to day life. In this experience, your conscious mind only informs the infinite subconscious by focusing on those things that we dream of.

Be light-hearted. Make it magical. Expand your energy.

Embrace the Power Within

You hold the power to design your dreams. Every choice you make, and action you take becomes a part of the unique refelction that is your life. You are not a passive recipient of circumstance; you are the empowered architect of your future, able to change your enironment from within. By stretching your mind to what is possible during imaginative play, you might unlock goals you didn't even know you had.

Invest in Your Future

Imagine the profound benefits:

  • Reconnecting with your intuition and inner wisdom is a powerful guide for navigating life's choices.

  • Making conscious choices aligned with your values and goals leads to a life of greater fulfilment.

  • Cultivating a sense of empowerment and control over your life fosters resilience and confidence.

  • You are visualising and designing your dream future, transforming your desires into a tangible roadmap for success.

You can illuminate the world around you with the dazzling ability of your imagination, enjoying a journey of self-discovery that empowers you to create a life that truly shines.

This recording is available now to Hypno-Hub subscribers.

Happy listening!


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