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Celebrate & Enhance Your


The LOTUS Program is a Positive Psychotherapy approach to set in motion your full life satisfaction.  Directing attention to the development of awareness (mindfulness strategies), tools are provided to assist in overcoming the difficulties that keep us stuck in a world of illusion, caught up in distress and trapped in self limitations.   The LOTUS program provides an opportunity to explore 10 basic domains of your life and evaluate your level of

SATISFACTION in each of those domains.

These tools can help individuals and/or groups to evolve and individuate, by encouraging observation of mind and body, increase self regulation and focus on self mastery.  As steps, the sessions encourage a continued advancement of growth and expansion towards a realisation of the individual’s true potential. 


Utilising the skills of Self-Hypnotherapy via Hypno-Meditations, the participant is able to identify and ease inner resistance and make permanent life changes via actual brain changes.

Plasticity is our brain’s ability to rewire itself based on new experiences and new information, and especially with focused concentration and deep rest. The basic idea is that the more often certain neural pathways fire, the stronger the connections will become.

Hypno-Meditation tools allow for consistent repetitive practice with the right language for neural pathways to fire and build, this is the basis of learning and memory formation. Canadian psychologist Donald Hebb, famously quoted that, “neurons that fire together wire together.” This we refer to as “Neuroplasticity”.


This course is truly a pathway for self-betterment and

to realise and achieve your life purpose.

  • Self Acceptance

  • Personal Growth

  • Autonomy

  • Emotional and Physcial Safety

  • Positive Relationships

  • Life Purpose and Direction of Life

  • Environmental Mastery

  • Future Security

  • Mental and Physical Health

  • Standard of Living

Please contact Terryl for more information, or to book one-on-one sessions, partnered or small group sessions.for more information.


“My LOTUS experience was one of emergence from a chrysalis and taking flight as a butterfly.


Within 2 weeks my incessant “white noise” that used to wake me through the night with constant chatter of my brains inner dialogue of worry,doom and gloom ceased.


The LOTUS’s teachings also gave me the ability to tap into pieces of my personality that needed tweaking and bring forth changes that were long overdue.


Break free of your own constraints and give Terryl a ring.

You have nothing to lose except the old and out-dated version of yourself.

2024 is your year ❤️🙏❤️" - Claire

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