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The Infinite Centre

The Infinite Centre


This hypnotherapy protocol explores a necessary foundational practice of self-acceptance, centering, and becoming present; remembering through our many identities how truly radiant we are at our very core.  By moving into acceptance, we are to immediately express our truest and deepest identity without resistance.

It seems amusing that to change, we must first fully accept; paradoxical even. Yet we all know the old adage; "What we resists, persists". If we are able to grasp how truly magnificent we are, moving into full self-acceptance, then we are already our most beautiful selves, and we would beam that accordingly.

It's time to reclaim our magic, accept all layers, and shine our little lights brightly!

CAUTION - DO NOT listen to this track when you are required to concentrate on tasks, and be present in any activity. Do not drive a car, operate heavy machinery, or engage in any other tasks that require you to be alert.

Disclaimer:  While every precaution has been made to ensure absolute safety via the use of these tracks, they are in no way a substitute for medical advice from health professionals, and the listener assumes all responsibility and risk.
If you are currently experiencing mental health concerns, or have diagnosed psychosis, schizophrenia, PTSD or other mental health disorders, please consult your medical professional before listening.  This track is suitable for people experiencing anxiety or depression, or those simply wanting to experience an inspired and expanded state of wellness and confidence.

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