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Garden of Creation & Healing

Garden of Creation & Healing


I just read a quote from Byron Katie's Instagram which read:

Your Imagination is Everything - Albert Einstein, followed by, If imagination is everything, what is the world?

So, what ARE you co-creating, with the use of your imagination?  This hypnosis is an opportunity to delve deep into an innerworld, a world that can greatly impact the outerworld.  What will you plant in your garden?  How will you tend to it?  With roots (no pun intended) in Huna Shamanism, and using a beautiful meditation approach written by Serge Kahili King (PhD) from Mastery of the Hidden Self, this adapted hypnosis is an opportunity to consciously cocreate with your subconscious.  When you become whole brained, who knows what you might achieve?  

This approach can be used not only in a focused quiet session, but also as often as you'd like, throughout your day, to gather any resources you may need...  Are you ready to PLAY?

CAUTION - DO NOT listen to this track when you are required to concentrate on tasks, and be present in any activity. Do not drive a car, operate heavy machinery, or engage in any other tasks that require you to be alert.

Disclaimer:  While every precaution has been made to ensure absolute safety via the use of these tracks, they are in no way a substitute for medical advice from health professionals, and the listener assumes all responsibility and risk.
If you are currently experiencing mental health concerns, or have diagnosed psychosis, schizophrenia, PTSD or other mental health disorders, please consult your medical professional before listening.  This track is suitable for people experiencing anxiety or depression, or those simply wanting to experience an inspired and expanded state of wellness and confidence.

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