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Amplify Prana & Elemental Connection

Amplify Prana & Elemental Connection


As I move though roles I've personally identified with, and transition through ages and stages in life, I'm searching more for the small rituals that encourage me to stay connected to my own awareness, to stay open to energetic possibilities, and to encourage me to consciously create my own life path.  

Perhaps it goes without saying - as you've read the title - that this hypnosis is a little different, and a specific person with a bent for psycho-spiritual and shamanic work will most likely be drawn to it.  However, everyone can benefit from it; perhaps even moreso those who have never explored these inner aspects of self or the energy fields available to them.  It's very much a deep consideration of our natural selves and our inner/outer natural world, and a remembering of our inner-connectedness to elemental forces. 


The recording was inspired by understandings from Tom Kenyon's The Hathor Material, along with a simple meditation for Prana amplification.  Given I recorded this on the Summer Solstice (Litha), the recording reflects a ritualistic and pagan interpretation, and the understandings contained within are borrowed from Egypt, India, and other times and cultures that we are able to connect with via this dream state.  Having stated that, it's my belief that the material will not inherently interfere with any dogmatic or religious beliefs you may hold sacred.

Like all work with the subconscious, and in this case prana amplification, if any emotions arise during this work, please give them gentle awareness, and continue with the process.

This hypnosis specifically fills my cup, and charges me by connecting my understandings (knowledge) to my physiology (experience).  I hope you experience the benefits and awareness by listening too.

CAUTION - DO NOT listen to this track when you are required to concentrate on tasks, and be present in any activity. Do not drive a car, operate heavy machinery, or engage in any other tasks that require you to be alert.

Disclaimer:  While every precaution has been made to ensure absolute safety via the use of these tracks, they are in no way a substitute for medical advice from health professionals, and the listener assumes all responsibility and risk.
If you are currently experiencing mental health concerns, or have diagnosed psychosis, schizophrenia, PTSD or other mental health disorders, please consult your medical professional before listening.  This track is suitable for people experiencing anxiety or depression, or those simply wanting to experience an inspired and expanded state of wellness and confidence.

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