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MAPPING AND UNTAPPING POTENTIALS. Know Thyself and Become What You Are.

Updated: Feb 15


Hello my friend. This blog is a lengthy read. If you are time poor, just scroll down to the Tools I Use Today to get a grasp on what the Mapping and Untapping process I offer entails. You can always come back to read the narrative at a later date.

It was decades ago that I stumbled on the work of the Kabbalarians. I remember sitting in the shed that Aaron and I kitted out with an office, and Colby was about nine months old. I was studying interior design but spending more time down rabbit holes, reading about numerology, astrology, the Chinese zodiac, and the like, trying to determine if I was on the 'right' path. I was building psychic and spiritual musculature, harnessing my prophetic dreaming, or finetuning this business of intuition, always knocking at the door through life events and unfoldings. I could go on for days here about said events and unfoldment because I experienced some exceptional phenomenon, and I might do that one day, but I'll do my best to keep to the current point.

When I entered the spelling of my name on my birth certificate and my birth date into the Kabbalarians' simple little calculator on that old desktop (on dialup internet in the days when a mobile phone was a mobile phone and not a cyborg product and we were still using landlines), boom, it produced eerily accurate details of my personality and traits, like it knew me, knew me. At the time, I recognised that I might be projecting a little; perhaps I was making it fit. Life paths, sun signs, etc., and then the cleverness of combining this knowledge with my name and birthplace seemed a little like magic.

Regardless of whether I was 'making it fit,' it had indicated most of my concurred traits to the T. I was most of what it predicted I should be. I felt trapped in my traits then, and I was hopeful that these insights were the path to liberation from myself. (In hindsight, I thank goodness I was blissfully unaware of how much inner work was yet to come).

Even in those days, I perpetually asked the big life question, 'How do I realise this stuck energy, this potential?' And' Who the hell am I really?' Because I always felt both 'stuck' and 'complex', with no clear map out of the forest of confusion and limitation.

Eventually, twenty-odd years later, the knowledge presented at the time that the one letter I had yet to change that could take me from 'restlessness' to 'structure', as the Kabbalarians suggested, finally seemed worthy of giving a go. 

As a side, the one-letter change was my name's actual spelling, which my Mum had originally changed to fit a nickname that I never got. While Australians like to shorten everything, two syllables are still two unless you substitute them with some z's. To illustrate, Terril was never shortened to Terri. It was always a Tezza, and these days, a T'bag, but that is another story, too. I'm also one of those kids that, back in the 70s, when 'weird' names were not the norm, was subject to every roll call under a spotlight and constantly found myself giving a requested explanation of the origin and the meaning of my name, and that probably has had an underlying knock-on effect playing out in this life-patterning. I was always asked to declare who I was when none of my peers was asked the same, all eyes on me as my classroom waited yet again for my 'story' with the teacher or their substitution of the day.

Anyway, I'm unsure how often my husband has come home from work to some 'crazy' thing I've embraced or some revelation I've experienced, and we've been together for over 27 years. So, you could note that he didn't bat an eyelid when I'd told him I'd spent a couple of hundred dollars to change one letter in my name via Births, Deaths and Marriages, Victoria. That was a massive pain in the arse, too, by the way. EVERY document and account, for a one-letter change.

I'm detailing this to illustrate that 'mapping the self' and knowing myself from all angles has always been on my agenda. It had started long before this time, and I'm still in love with the mapping process. I'm open to trying new things and observing the results, regardless of how these pursuits seem to others. This curiosity has led me to the work I do today, and I'm fascinated by the mechanics and interplay of what makes us who we are. I'm not afraid to explore all angles. I'm continually diving to know that inner, deeper self, cradling and guiding this somewhat intense, internal octopus of energy with arms everywhere all at once, grabbing onto and examining information for deeper understanding. Perhaps what I'm honestly dealing with is undiagnosed ADHD, but as my beautiful artist friend points out, I'm not running at an apparent deficit, so there is that.

Of course, as I've already illustrated, I was also about transforming other inherited and childhood traumas, some run of the mill, some not so much, which I've discussed in other blogs and will likely elaborate on again. However, compounding this, this desire to connect with my deep self has led me to my deep love of self-hypnosis, and as is my pattern, that which works for me, I do for others with equal enthusiasm and dedication. I'm genuinely at home connecting you to your inner wisdom and discovering your map with you. I'll happily reach for any psychotherapeutic or esoteric tool to enable you to reach your goal. I don't distinguish the tool's origin or classification; 

I make a distinction on based on its effectiveness

I 'get in the ring' and give it a go. I'm also one of the OG weird ones, so my fellow younger weirdos can thank people like me for making that cool because that WAS NOT so cool in my generation. I've just learned to own that energy, and I'm happy to do the heavy lifting on what others might be afraid to examine.

I realise that is a lot of backstory, but I want you to know the lengths I'll go to to find the stuff that works. 



This is the moment when I advocate the application of two tools for mapping traits and the inner self. While I'm not applying the same channels I did decades ago in my wilderness, I'm so excited to offer this as a process and service to interested parties utilising tools that hit the nail on the head for self-discovery, fast and hard. 

While I'm ALWAYS LEARNING, COLLECTING, EXPERIMENTING, and especially recovering and resuscitating the basics, however, I have to tip the hat to myself at some stage, which doesn't come naturally to me - mainly so you can know I've got your back as best I can. I consider I've moved from amateur to pro here, and 25 years of consistent application and seeking has at least yielded that. If you're coming for me, take a good swing; that's all I've got to say. I've earned my stripes, guys. 

The first is the Enneagram, a tool for determining traits based on archetypes. This tool had me at hello, and I discovered it studying with ICHP. (I completed the Associate Degree in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy with them, and a shout out to them; it was indeed a coming home moment for me with their teachings and community.) It's invaluable for knowing the traits operating from the deep self, harnessing traits common to humankind, and having those traits work for you as a superpower rather than being an Achilles heel. I loved it so much that it became a staple rather than supplemental in my Clinical approach.

Had I found this tool 20 years ago, it may have been all I needed to align myself with my strengths and determine my path, but we know that everything happens on a perfect timeline, don't we? I understand I had to journey to 'this point' (or, more accurately, this perspective and expression of me) to understand its true efficacy.

The more I work with the subconscious (via self and clients), the more I understand how intelligences work through us. Traits exist in various expressions through each individual, but they're technically 'not ours'. Intelligence is energy to be cultivated and nurtured and given correct mindfulness, and the only way to do this is to understand what condition of awareness is animating us. I also received further validation of the tool's efficacy when I discovered in a book called Falling Upward that Richard Rhor, a Franciscan priest and writer, had been utilising the Enneagram for over 40 years in his ministry and had produced his interpretation based on Christian perspectives.  

The Enneagram's Origins: A Mystery with Hints

The Enneagram's origins are intriguing and somewhat mysterious. While the nine-pointed symbol might have ancient roots in various traditions, its modern use in understanding personality traces back to the 20th century.

Ancient Mystery:

  • The nine-pointed symbol dates back centuries, appearing in various cultures and spiritual traditions. Some claim links to Sufism, Kabbalah, or Pythagoras, but conclusive evidence remains elusive.


  • Early mentions of the symbol appear in the works of Gurdjieff, a spiritual teacher in the early 1900s, but he didn't connect it to personality.

  • Oscar Ichazo, a Bolivian teacher in the 1950s, developed the "Enneagram of Personality,"attributing it to ancient wisdom but without historical confirmation.

  • Some see influences in Christian, Sufi, and Kabbalistic traditions, though clear links haven't been established.


  • The Enneagram categorizes nine personality types based on core motivations, fears, and desires.

  • It's used for self-awareness, personal growth, understanding others, and building relationships.

  • Applications span various fields:

  • Personal development: Exploring strengths, weaknesses, and growth paths.

  • Relationships: Improving communication and empathy.

  • Teams and workplaces: Encouraging collaboration and resolving conflict.

  • Leadership: Understanding strengths and motivations of team members.

Key Points:

  • The modern Enneagram isn't definitively ancient, though its symbol might be.

  • Its development in personality typing is primarily thanks to the work of Ichazo and Naranjo.

  • Its exact origins remain a subject of debate and historical investigation.


Tool number two is less clinical and more esoteric. It is an astrological development from the 1920s by two visionaries: a clairvoyant, Elsie Wheeler, and an astrologist, Marc Jones. A beautiful, multi-talented and autodidactic astrologist friend introduced me to the Sabian Oracle years ago during a reading. Lynda Hill is an impressive authority on the Sabian Oracle, and her content is worth exploring. I was so immediately connected to the content's imagery, insight and depth that it has become a staple for me in my self-mapping. I mainly use it to help determine north node and south node characteristics (along with the complete snapshot of your entry point (birth).

Imagine existing beyond the physical realm. What defines you then? Perhaps, everything you are stems from this specific moment in time and space, a harmonious arrangement with no accidents. Maybe you're here, learning and growing, each choice leading you to this point. Birth location, time, and cosmic alignments might influence your path. You are energy, undeniably, and your location shapes who you are in this instant. Nothing exists in isolation, and you are part of everything.

Astrology, an ancient art form, maps these connections. While familiar with our star signs, we rarely delve deeper into their applications. This practice can help us understand ourselves and our place in the universe.

The Sabian Oracle: Unveiling Destiny Through Symbols

The Sabian Oracle is a unique system of 366 symbolic phrases linked to specific degrees of the zodiac, offering profound insights into personal growth and life's journey. While not technically astrology, it complements traditional astrological analysis by delving deeper into the psychological and spiritual dimensions of planetary positions.


  • In 1925, astrologer Marc Edmund Jones received the 366 symbols through psychic intuition, collaborating with Elsie Wheeler to refine and interpret them.

  • Drawing inspiration from mythology, literature, and diverse cultures, the symbols offer poetic and evocative imagery.


  • Birth chart interpretation: By matching symbols to planetary positions in your birth chart, you gain deeper understanding of your strengths, challenges, and soul purpose.

  • Daily guidance: Drawing a symbol for the day allows for introspective reflection and inspiration for navigating current situations.

  • Life path exploration: Examining symbol sequences related to major life phases or specific questions can offer insights into personal growth and potential future directions.

Key Features:

  • Psychological depth: The symbols go beyond traditional planetary interpretations, exploring deeper emotional, spiritual, and psychological themes.

  • Universality: Resonating with individuals of diverse backgrounds and beliefs, the symbols transcend cultural limitations.

  • Flexibility: You can use the symbols intuitively or follow established interpretive methods, allowing for personalized exploration.


When I combine these tools and have a session with you to talk about whatever problem is your focus for growth and personal development, I can help you understand your location. I can help reveal the constituents creating this version of you, and then I can help you capitalise on all that you already are via hypnotic techniques. I offer a tailored way of popping your purpose of self-actualisation front and centre so that you, too, can be liberated from any confusion and stuckness. These tools work. It's not about ifs; it's about hows. Receive direction and clarity and back that up with actual mind-body changes in the deep mind so that ALL of you, every part, are aligned and on the same page.

While the Enneagram has clinical application, this service of Mapping and Untapping is a combination that I've invented through my own journeying, and it's primarily psycho-spiritual by design. If you are looking for a more clinical approach, please consider the ICHP LOTUS program that I offer. It indeed is a complete pathway to creating structure towards self-actualisation, utilising various clinical psychotherapeutic tools, and as you can read from the reviews, is an opportuity to transform your life. Those skill and tools will be usable always, and you can revisit the content as necessary. Please note too, the the entire course content is available for you to access ongoing online on my site as extra support and additional resource.

Oh, and for those interested in whether that single-letter name change was worth the uncertainty, rabbit holes and subsequent effort to move from said restlessness to structure, I'm writing this, right? In the past, this was an impossibility for me. It ALL counts.

Big Love,


Sabian Oracle: A Veiled Prophet Speaks, Seized by the Power of a God- Capricorn 7

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