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Updated: Jul 16, 2021

You've booked in for your QHHT session! Congratulations! I am beyond excited and privileged to be on the path with you; my heart is completely full for you and this exchange. I feel immense gratitude to be facilitating this direct connection to Source for you, and hold this space of sacredness, reverence and deep gratitude as we engage in this work. My purpose is to connect you to your innate wisdom.

This is truly deeply transformational work, and a full immersion style approach. Sessions can last 4-6 hours, and take place in the sanctity and security of my own home, in a space dedicated for healing exchange.

In order to make the most of our time together, you first need to realise that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, in that is you that fully allows the experience to occur. The more you are prepared to release resistance, the more restorative and metamorphic the experience will be.

Be as open and honest as you can be. The exchange is completely confidential, and anything that 'pops' into your mind is important. Please do not analyse or collect your thoughts, allow them to come forward freely without filtration. When asked a question, TRUST the first response that comes into your mind. Make no judgments or criticisms. Bypass the critical mind and go into as much detail as possible, exploring whatever arises in your mind as fully as you can. Engage fully in the sensory experience; making it as vibrant and enhanced as possible.

And talk. Talk a lot. Share everything you can within the experience, so it can be acknowledged. No detail is unimportant, and fully sharing the information reveals details that may otherwise remain buried.

Expect to be hypnotised. Expect release. Expect an environment safe for self-healing to occur. And most importantly, allow for miracles.

All my love,


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