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Soulutions with Hypnotherapy
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Know thyself,
and become what you are.

Eudaimonia - (n.) lit. "human flourishing";

a contented state of being happy,

healthy and prosperous.

Experience the incredible benefits of hypnotherapy and start living the life you've always dreamed of. As a certified Clinical practitioner (AHA Professional), I'm dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and reach your full potential.


Welcome to a world of self-actualization with Hypnotherapy.



Juliet C. Obodo



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Are you ready to become all you are meant to be?

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Testimonials for Hypno-Psychotherapy

Terryl guided me through some very challenging times, some painful and with alot of self doubt. She lead me on a journey of self-healing, teaching me to believe and trust in myself. Terryl's energy and passion to heal others is unmeasurable. The "hypno-hub" has amazing guided mediations to assist in the healing adventure. Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and Terryl's kind, healing nature has changed my life forever!
I will be forever grateful, thank you Terryl x

Sharryn B

Wellness Coach

Feel Self Confident Now

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a complete


A Mind Body Soul

Approach to Wellness.

Perfect for Weight Release.

 Incorporating Hypnotherapy, Personal Trainer Know How & Spiritual Teachings.

Rock Maze

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate."
- Carl Jung



Hypnosis Technique



QHHT was developed by Dolores Cannon, a past-life regression therapist, in the 1970s. Inspired by her clients' experiences during regressions, Dolores felt there was more to uncover beyond simply past lives. She developed QHHT as a way to access a deeper level of consciousness, referred to as the "Subconscious Mind" or "Higher Self."

QHHT is a form of hypnotherapy used to explore past lives, multidimensional selves, and to connect with the "Higher Self." The practitioner guides the client into a deep state of relaxation and then asks questions to facilitate exploration of these different aspects of their being. The goal is to gain insights and understanding into the root causes of current emotional, physical, or spiritual issues.

Key Features:

  • Past-Life Regression: QHHT emphasizes exploring past lives to identify unresolved issues or limiting beliefs that may be impacting the present.

  • Higher Self Connection: Clients are guided to connect with their "Higher Self," which holds wisdom and guidance beyond the limitations of the conscious mind.

  • Soul Group Encounters: Some clients encounter members of their soul group during QHHT sessions, offering further insights into their life purpose and connections.

  • Focus on Healing: QHHT aims to facilitate emotional and spiritual healing by addressing underlying causes of issues rather than simply managing symptoms.

Important Points:

  • QHHT is not a substitute for traditional medical care and should not be used to diagnose or treat physical ailments.

  • The effectiveness of QHHT varies from person to person and depends on individual beliefs and openness to the process.

  • It's crucial to seek a qualified and certified QHHT practitioner for safe and ethical sessions.

Map & Untap

A private psycho-spiritual

mapping session with Terryl.

Includes Enneagram and Sabian Oracle deep dive, as relevant to you, and a 2 hour live session with a tailored personal hypnosis, online or in-person.

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Connecting with your future self can be a powerful tool for creating the life you desire. This series of 8 powerful hypnotherapy tracks includes a future life progression protocol, among hand-picked and recorded changework protocols that embody clarity for and recruitment of the deep mind.


By visualizing your ideal self and taking steps to embody that vision now, you can manifest your dreams into reality.

Follow these protocols to connect with your future self and co-create your ideal self now.I


If you are a current beliefit program or LOTUS program participant, please request a discount coupon for over 50% off! 

Limited time only.

Courses & Treatments

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Reiki COURSE Testimonials -Continued on REIKI PAGE

"I recently completed a Reiki course with Terryl, and it was truly transformative. Terryl’s wealth of knowledge and experience made her an exceptional teacher. 


Her willingness to share her wisdom enriched the experience even more. After completing the course, I felt a profound sense of relaxation, peace, and harmony. 


I now feel equipped to practice Reiki on myself and my loved ones. I’m eagerly looking forward to taking Reiki Level 2 with Terryl to expand my ability to help others experience the benefits of Reiki." - Mel Prewett - February, 2024


"As a remedial massage therapist, for years people had been telling me “you should do Reiki.” This year the time seemed right, so I followed my gut and signed up. 


When asked why I had chosen to study Reiki, the answer wasn’t to help my clients, I wanted to do it for myself, to sate my curiosity, and to learn something new. I’ve always been fascinated by the link between the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems, and from what I had read, this was right up Reiki’s alley!   


Now I know what my clients meant. I’ve always described my style as “letting my fingers do the walking” - meaning I listen to what the body tells me (what I physically feel when working with them) and go from there. In my head, as I worked, I would be having silent conversations with muscles, mixing anatomy, science, skills, experience, and intuition as I worked away. 


I’ve very rarely felt drained by doing what I do, clients would always ask me “Don’t you get tired?” To which I would reply “Nah, after 7 years, I’m match fit” but the honest truth is that most times, I feel revitalised by providing treatment. 


Reiki tied so much of what I do together. The practice of deep breathing to centre one’s self when working, the connection between heart and mind, and the principle that you are not using your own energy to give to others, you are connecting to a deeper energy almost as a conduit, is the healthiest of practices. 


I’ve always said that to be a good massage therapist, you must be healthy in body and soul, as otherwise you run the risk of burnout. I think irrespective of your beliefs regarding Reiki as a healing modality for others, it is an infinitely beautiful resource for yourself. The practices of breathing, meditation, and connection to your own self - place you in a position to be able to recharge yourself in the most healthiest of ways. 


I got so much out of the level 1 Reiki course with Terryl, I highly recommend it to others. It was a beautiful experience turning my unconscious understandings and practices, into conscious ones." - Cat Moore, Febraury, 2024


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Hamilton VIC 3300, Australia

0492 819 558

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